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May I pose a question?  Given I don’t have the benefit of hearing your answer, I will assume permission granted and for that, I thank you… here’s the question:

“Have we lost respect?”

Take a moment – stop reading, sit back with your eyes off the screen, and think about you, your family members, what you read on Facebook that others have posted (including images), our politicians, the candidates for President (including the one in office), or any clerk with which you may have recently engaged while shopping. [STOP HERE FOR A MOMENT TO THINK ABOUT THIS - THEN RESUME READING]

“So!” – First I have to make sure I say, I know many that also hold these values dear.  So reading on, my feelings and observations are general – broad views of what I feel is a direction for many that does not seem good for anyone.

And of course, we might have to consider this discussion with age groups in mind.  I bring up age because the question under consideration involves our society at large and the interactions between people, pre and post the year 2000 – And I speak to the broad use of the word, “us” – not just each of us – it’s all of us.  So, realizing I might be skewing this to my fellow boomers,  I ask those getting long in the tooth, “Is society today as respectful today as in your youth?” – for me, the answer is a definate, “…not even close!”

So I ask, “What happened to our respect for each other?”

I see my own friends and family members posting images on public sites that contain the infamous, “F-Bomb!”  On just about any day of the week that word can be heard in any number of ways and in any number of places.  But much more than a simple word, it’s the feeling we have and hold for each other.  That deep sense of pride in self – words like honor, integrity and of course, respect.  Are these emotions and feelings you see and feel in the street or see on the news?

To me, the point about respecting each other has risen to the top of mind and I think it was one of the early debates for the Republican candidates that made me realize how things have changed in society.  Even giving politics a pass because, “politicians-have-always-smeared-each-other”, the thought goes much deeper into life and society.  Then I wonder where we are headed… what next?  If families fall apart, people lose respect for each other (talking about general society now…), our Congress can’t seem to find any common ground or mutual respect – how deep?  How pervasive does this go?  And then what?  To me, the moral fabric of society is the family unit and the respect for self, family and others.  As that unravels, goes society, and our nation.  And to me, that gets pretty scary.