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In the news, a story about a single US soldier that killed some families.  No matter where this took place, this is terrible and my heart goes out to those families.  And to the friends of that soldier as they all must be feeling hurt beyond belief.

But please world, keep this in perspective – we have 100,000 troops in that country, all doing their best to help the people of Afghanistan.  We send money, build roads, schools – help in every humane way possible and still that country is complaining about a single event from a single person gone bad.  That happens in every group, in every country, in every family on the planet.

My point is to be reasonable and calm.  This was terrible and you cannot sugarcoat events that involve death or hurt to loved ones.  But the US Military did not order a soldier to kill families – quite the contrary.  And the citizens of Afghanistan should respect to hard work done by the other 100,000 of our citizens that place their lives in danger for the good of your families and country.

As an American, I am proud of our country and our military and have a firm belief that the justice system works fine and will prevail.  What worries me is the insanity that comes with crowds and those seeking harm to our soldiers and America as they will be pushing the locals into a frenzy.  All we can hope for is reason and spiritual guidence from all faiths to calm, and see this even for what it is.  A single act of violence some a single person gone wrong.