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Gas Prices

How on earth will I get to go camping this year?  Being a reasonable person and somewhat concerned about the environment, I try to take the bus into work as much as possible.  And that’s just about 100% of the time.  So when it comes to commuting to work, I’m a good citizen, right?  Well, I do have – or maybe for now I should say I “used to have…” this other love during the warmer seasons – called “camping!” – And yes, like millions of other Americans, I do have a trailer which means I need a pickup and that means I need gas and now we come to the real problem.  Gas.  Actually, not really, “gas” as a product – it’s the “price” of the gas that has become the limiting factor for my upcoming camping trips over the summer.  My pickup tows a 5,000 pound trailer and does a fine job.  But it also needs gas to move forward and tends to use around 1 gallon of mid-level gas for every 10 0r 11 miles when the trailer is in tow.  Given the price of gas is around $4.39 (and of course, the additional 9/10 of a cent – stupid concept but not important for this blog) this means trouble coming very, very soon.

OK, thinking about heading to a campground – one favorite is 85 miles from my home.  A little math showing 10MPG for 85 miles each way with current gas prices comes to a staggering $74.63 just to get to and from and campground.  And that’s without taking any short side trips!  Now, because the liberal politicians in Washington state have over-spent our tax dollars on entitlement programs, I have to add on the new Washington requirement for a pass to even visit a state park for $30 (I can amortize this over many trips) plus the cost of the campground at around $27 per night.  And now what is this easy, low-cost “camping” trip going to cost?  Not even factoring in the “Discover” pass and just calling that a “summer” cost of $30 – the cost for gas and park fees for 2 nights is $128.63.  Not counting food, maybe a hot dog on the campfire, and the firewood.

I don’t know about you, but just a few years ago, I remember thinking that camping was a pretty inexpensive past-time – a nice way to get into the outdoors and enjoy some of America’s finest forests and sights.  But given the current federal administration and their insane desire to force the country into bankruptcy over an unrealistic view of energy, we are stuck.  For any of us that are getting older and thinking we’ll retire and see the country – we can kiss that idea off.  The only “country” we’ll be seeing is in our backyards or somewhere within walking distance.

It would appear that our politicians are completely out of touch with the realities of everyday life in America.  We, as Americans, love to visit our friends, family and other cities and campgrounds.  Many of us have grown up around the belief we will see the days when we can “hit the road”, leave work behind, if only for a weekend or two, and enjoy our time away from work.

But no – not going to happen until we have a significant change in leadership for this country.  Given the disregard for our wants and wishes, the current administration is plowing forward with money from some of the worst criminals on this planet (like power-hungry George Soros and other like-thinking thugs from Chicago) to reform and re-shape what used to be the greatest nation on earth.  Exactly what the president (yes, I did use lower-case as the current one deserves no better) is doing is just plain wrong, mean, disrespectful and with no regard for the public at large.  I doubt the secret service has asked him for his Shell or Chevron card to fill up AirForce One or any of the 20+ limos that take him and his equally elitist wife everywhere.

I am all for a “all we can create” energy policy but the last time I looked, we need gas for our vehicles.  And yes, we need it now.  And we have the resources to find, get, refine, distribute (well, almost distribute – we do have the Keystone pipeline issue to resolve), and use oil based products.  And we need – is to do this.  Yes, just do it.  Let the free market come up with innovation to move us into the next generation of energy.  Get the government out of the way and someone will create what we need.  It’s happened for the past 200 years and was the vision from our founders.  This entire insane and un-American policy from the current administration has to go.  And not soon enough.  We need someone in the White House with a vision and a respect for Americans.  And I hope with all my heart that the current person in that house gets to return to his thug buddies in Chicago real soon so we can get our gas prices back to where they belong and get some policies in place to allow America to do what it does best.  Innovate, live free, love family and liberty – and yes, camping.

As to the current administration – don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good riddance.