Why on earth do we tolerate the behavior of our Congressional “leaders?” – Both Democrats and Republicans are holding us, the American public as hostages to their inability to compromise and move forward in our national interests.  Given how I feel right now, my suggestion is to vote them all out of office.  The best thing for the nation might be term limits to stop the career politician from making a life in Washington.  They all need to come back to reality and get a job like the rest of us AND starting paying their own bills.  Especially paying for their own health care.  That would change behavior overnight.

I am in constant amazement at how ineffective our folks in Congress have become.  The house and Senate are so polarized they have lost the ability to clearly see problems and find ways to work together.

So let’s all hope, pray and contact our so called, “leaders” and let them know we are not very happy with their foolish and childish behavior and it’s really time to stop, talk, listen to us and do some real work.  The work of running our nation in times of need.

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