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One of my major projects involves creating a web-based platform that unites us all in a quest to solve problems.  Or you might see it as software to help us accomplish goals by helping to define the topic or goal, set milestones, find others with like interests and help with resources and planning until we accomplish the goal.

In order to develop the software, we decided to find a focus point to help us better define features, benefits and an interesting user interface – given that my colleagues have a background with environmental causes and law, we choose the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan and the problems with fuel rods and contaminated ground water.  Here’s a blog site from my colleague, Julian Gresser, discussing the problem:

Wow – this is turning into chaos.  The problems in Japan are enormous and our hope is to unite minds from all of humanity to find new and innovative solutions, ideas and suggestions about how to handle the crisis.  From this project, we will build an amazing piece of software to help with other projects like clean-water projects, building hospitals or schools and many, many others.

But Fukushima is getting scary.  Even with no further interruption from nature, the problem is severe enough.  Now a typhoon – maybe the biggest in 10 years is about to hit the plant.

If those fuel rods are exposed or the water storage tanks are damaged, God help us all.  Welcome to the 21st century disasters.


Time and Light

My more typical writing leans into political positions or observations about society – but today, it’s science.  Over the years I seem to have discovered a few topics that fascinate and leave me wondering, well beyond my capacity to understand.  Hobbies include a crazy range from hiking around the Northwest and playing piano in my small studio to video editing, videography and technology.  On occasion I might write some code (computer), work on a website or read about HTML5 and CSS… books can span from stories about Robert Kroese’s wacky angel stories about Mercury, or Seal Teams to Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity and I think it was reading a QM book that I started thinking a little more about this topic of time and space.

Light: tonight on history channel, a show about Star Trek and the field of astronomy was shown… pretty fun to see real astronauts on the set of Star Trek, explaining to the actors how their work had inspired his career.  As you might imagine, it was a pretty cool moment as the actors were humbled to think their efforts provided the foundation for such endeavors as space walks and searching for other planets.

ok, back to my point about light.  If it’s true that any object approaching the speed of light will exist in a state of slowed time… it suggests that “at” the speed of light you have either no time or instant time everywhere. This might actually link GM to QM???

If light is indeed, transverse – being both wave and particle, then it must have mass of some kind (maybe not – I’m out of my league here) – if light does have some particle state then at the speed of light time no longer exists as it does for us.  My point being, if astronomers claim the night sky contains the old Carl Sagan “billions and billions” of stars and that light left those stars thousands or millions of years ago, then how can they claim that to be true?  If my assumption is correct, light travels exactly “at” the speed of light.  It is light, ergo…. it travels as such!  And as you approach the speed of light, time slows.  That would suggest at the speed of light time no longer moves forward and that light reaching our eyeballs is happening right now – not from thousands of years ago – light got here with no time passing.

Ok, it’s getting past my bedtime and maybe the tea was too strong tonight… whatever.  But you have to admit, this is an interesting point.