What is this Blog About?

It’s about our country and the freedom to think about anything.  The America where we live in freedom.

So, who is Ric… and really, who cares?  I could be any of the millions of people living in America – perhaps, all that matters is the fact that I am an American.  It matters because I am part of what makes this country special.  I am a freedom-loving person with respect for the Constitution of the United States, a healthy respect for our founding fathers, for those who serve to defend our liberty and a firm belief this country is special for many reasons.

So what does matter is this forum, the timing and… “the reasoning.”

“Reasoning: The power of the mind to think – a justification for an action or event; common sense and [perhaps] to form judgments by a process of logic.”

I, as with many others I know, have had it.  This is the time to step up to the plate.  For good, for God and for country.  If you are interested in the United States of America and would like to comment, please do.  If you want to comment, just to comment and exersize your right to do so, be my guest.

And if you are still wondering:  Ric is a 65 year old, 60′s boomer.  Retired from music in 1980 to work in high tech and now with lots of experience helping to build any number of startup companies – some that did ok, some not.  Maybe one that will do really well… we’ll see.