Comments from Ric

Ric is an American.  Born in the country outside a small town in central California in the 40′s.  Raised a country boy – grade shool had 3 classes in the same room with one teacher – 80 kids in the entire school and most were in the primary grades by then.  First to attend college in the family – dropped out for family emergency and ended up playing rock & roll for 14 years until returning to college to take computer science.  High-tech business guy – traveled the planet many times for business and happy to settle in a small town in Washington state.  Love my wife, my family, my dogs, my home and my new trailer.
I have to say, just seeing this picture makes me want to load up the food, a little fresh water, a few of my favorite beverages and hit the road.  With the exception of thinking over how much we’ll have to spend on gas (see blog: gas prices), I’m looking forward to another fun camping season with my wonderful wife and the mutts.